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ELT/ETL Developer - (New Jersey, NJ, USA)
Job Title:
ELT/ETL Developer(NPT_NY_62)
Job Description:
As a ELT/ETL Developer, you will be responsible for designing, maintaining, and optimizing large-scale automated ELT processes. Working actively with analysts and customer teams specializing in enterprise data warehousing, you will leverage industry-standard data orchestration tools as well as in-house proprietary scheduling and automation tools to create efficient and reliable ELT jobs which support customer’s product offerings and data platform needs for our customers end clients. As we incorporate more cloud technologies into our processes, you will be at the forefront of exploring and defining best practices and helping us transition our products to be more scalable. Our existing ELT processes heavily rely on these components, whether they are written in Python and Airflow, or our proprietary data orchestration tools.
Taking end-to-end ownership of data pipelines, its architecture, and custom solutions. Coordinating with the systems, core, CX, and analytics teams to build and maintain data products and custom solutions for Customer clients. Designing and writing automated scripts to preprocess terabytes of data from our partners/clients. Designing and writing new enterprise-scale ELT/ETL workflows from scratch in Python using Airflow, Docker, AWS, etc. Modifying/redesigning legacy ELT/ETL processes to leverage cutting-edge open source and proprietary technologies. Ensuring quality, reliability and uptime for critical automated processes. Migrating our products and processes into the cloud while drastically reducing our in-house data center footprint.
Desired Skills:
At least 3-5 years in a ETL/ELT Developer/Data Engineering role/similar programming in Python with exposure to Docker. Solid Knowledge of Apache Airflow. Proficient in SQL. Well exposure to ETL/ELT pipeline automation. Solid Exposure to basic database concepts like normalization/indexing/partitioning, MapReduce, columnar database architecture and distributed systems. Prior experience managing a small team in an Engineering role. Ability to work independently. Good understanding of Data Engineering, NoSQL databases and database design, distributed systems and/or information retrieval. Work with SaaS products DBA experience Ability to plan and collect requirements for projects, and interact with the analyst and data science teams.
Key Skills:
Apache Airflow, Python, Docker, Etc.
New Jersey, NJ, USA
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