Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services range from creating business critical applications to integrating hardware & software and managing all aspects of the IT solutions. Netpeach practice areas have expertise in subject areas like Enterprise Information Management, Big Data Eco System, Traditional Data Warehousing, Analytics & Business Intelligence, Microsoft Technology based Solutions, and Application Programming. Our professionals, many of whom have global experience, work with client employees at all levels of their organization, designing, developing, testing, deploying and supporting software solutions, using the right enabling technologies to support new ways of doing business.

Consulting Services at Netpeach, flow through a well-defined process that has matured over the years to recruit, train, nurture and retain the talent. Our professional staff driving success factors are:

  • Effective recruitment process.
    • Provide clear clarity of the job profile.
    • Choose the right people for the right Job.
    • Goes through various selection processes.
  • Well defined on-boarding and day-to-day administration processes.
  • Setting expectation and evaluation process.
  • Emphasis on continuous education.
  • Recognition & reinforcement.
  • Periodic performance appraisal.

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