Stock Watch API

It is apparent that data has become the primary driver of real investment performance. It is ubiquitous. Data now arises from virtually everything humans and businesses do, every minute of every day. By studying and evaluating past and current data, investors and traders attempt to gain an edge in the markets by making informed decisions.

Netpeach offers a simple API for stock market value uncovering the best of data. Our free API Key provides you the real-time financial data in JSON format.

This API returns Stock Data with below information with a comma-delimited

  • Name - Full name of the specified company.
  • Value - The current market value of a specified company.
  • Change - Change status (up-down) in the latest trading day.
  • ChangeValue - Fluctuation in market value in the latest trading day.
  • ChangePercent - The percentage of change in the market value.
  • Open - Opening price on the latest trading day.
  • Range - Price range (low-high) in the latest trading day.
  • 52WRange - Price range (low-high) in the last 52 weeks.
  • Volume - Number of shares traded on the latest trading day.
  • AvgVolume - Average traded volume.
  • Time - Current time and date.

Getting Started

API key provided by Netpeach calculates the market value of any company of your choice without any usage limit.

API Link Claim Your Free API Key

Real Time API Demo

To have a quick demo enter the stock market symbol of a registered enterprise of your choice below (e.g., "MSFT" for "Microsoft Corporation" which is registered in NASDAQ) & click the invoke button to find out the market value and related stock data.

  • Please enter a Symbol & press Invoke.
  • Please enter a Symbol & press Invoke.

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